Godiva Festival Coventry – 2016

This year I was honoured to play 3 stages at this event! Lots of running around but incredibly good fun and so that so may of you came  to see me and made the effort to talk to me afterwards (especially the young lad that asked for a photo with me!) . I think it would be true to say that I floated home.

For more information on Godiva Festival please visit their website and lets make sure it continues to happen each year as it is truly an amazing event, free and helps to promote the positives about Coventry and the music scene in general .

I performed on stage for Positive Youth Foundation , Free Radio and was also nterviewed by the BBC!! How exciting was that???

Some pictures below

Kiaya Lyons kiaya Lyons BBC radio kiaya Lyons Free Radio kiaya Lyons free Radio Kiaya Lyons Positive Youth Foundation kiaya Lyons Positive Youth Foundation Kiaya Lyons Free radio Kiaya Lyons free Radio Kiaya Lyons Positive Youth foundation Godiva Festival Coventry , Memorial Park, Coventry 2016, Acoustic Stage, Rhythm Tent and Free Radio stage, just a girl and her guitar . Sang some Country, some pop and a bit of Rap!