Places to find me in 2016 **Updated**

These are some of the places you can find me playing music during 2016 and beyond.

Regular sessions on:

Mondays – Millsys Bar, Earlsdon Coventry

Tuesdays – Newlands Pub and Craven Arms (Earlsdon) – Coventry

Thursday and Friday – Squirrel Pub – Coventry

  • 21 August 2016 – Fargo Village, Coventry from midday
  • 21 August 2016 – The Grist Mill, Leamington Spa from 6pm
  • 27 August – The Broomfield (Earlsdon) from 2pm
  • 28 August – The Nugget (Coundon) from 12,45 until 1.15
  • 28 August – Crownfest (see below) at 6pm until 6.45
  • 29 August – Fargo Village (Coventry) from 2.30
  • 29 August – Fargo Village (Coventry) Bubble from 4.30
  • 29 August – Coventry Cross (city centre) from 8pm
  • 31 August – Fargo Village (Big Comfy Bookshop) from 6pm
  • 2 September – To Be Confirmed
  • 3 September (The Craven Arms, Coventry) from 9pm,
  • 24 September (Three Horshoes ) Bubbenhall from 8.30pm
  • 25 September (Fargo Village) with Positive Youth Foundation from 3.30pm
  • 27 September (Coventry Cross) Coventry from 7.30 pm
  • 16 October (Urban Coffee  –  Fargo Village) from midday
  • 19 October (Millsys -Coventry) – Britains Got Talent Auditions from 7pm
  • 20 October (Big Comfy Bookshop – fargo Village) from 5.30
  • 27 October (Squirrel ) Coventry 
  • 27 October (Bear and Ragged Staff) Kenilworth from 9.00pm
  • 30 October (Two Tone Village) Coventry
  • 30 October (Watchmakers- Earlsdon ) Coventry from 7.30
  • 23 December (Shanksys / the bar with no name) Coventry from 7.:30
  • 27 December (Bedford Street) Leamington Spa from 8.00pm
  • 29 December (The Clock ) Atherstone from 7.00 pm


Last year I played at a small festival in Coventry called Crownfest and had an absolutely awesome time, playing alongside the very awesome UV Beats , I am looking forward to seeing you all there on the 27th and 28 August

You can also find me most Mondays at the The Nugget pub in Keresley as well as at Millsys in Earlsdon (bit of a mad race between those 2 venues – usually at Millsys’s for 8 and the Nugget for around 9pm)

Incredibly excited to be able to tell you all that I am playing Godiva Festival on the Sunday 3 July – come see me!!! Stage time should be 1pm but please check as last year I actually went on early!



I am also playing alongside the Positive Youth Foundation in the Rhythm Tent at around 5 pm performing as part of the Caravan stage,  Both times are subject to change so make sure you are early and I look forward to seeing you 🙂

If there is somewhere you would love to see me perform then please drop me a line via my Facebook page 

Please make sure you come say hi at any of my gigs as it is always good to meet people and discuss music

Kiaya Lyons, just a girl and her guitar, coventry